Joanna Rutter has been an editor and writing consultant for fifteen years. Previously she taught expository writing and English literature
at colleges and universities, and business communications in MBA programs in the Boston area.

Joanna was the founding director of the Writing Center at Brandeis University, teaching
writing to undergraduate students through an innovative methodology of intensive
one-on-one conferences, and providing writing and editorial support to graduate students, visiting scholars and faculty.

She has served as a writing consultant and editor to publishing scholars and scientists
at leading universities and research facilities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Whitehead Institute, Tufts University, Boston University and Bentley College.

Joanna has served as a freelance editor to numerous graduate students writing masters'
and doctoral theses/dissertations. These have been submitted to graduate departments in a
broad range of disciplines at leading institutions, in every case successfully. Joanna also provides editorial support to authors turning doctoral dissertations into book form.

As a consultant to law firms in New York and Boston, Joanna specializes in presenting cases
for extraordinary and outstanding aliens before the U.S. Immigration Service.

Joanna has extensive experience teaching English as a Second Language and has served as writing coach and editor to many students and scholars whose first language is not English.

She provides support to top-echelon executives in the high tech sector in the metropolitan Boston area for written communications and oral presentations.

Joanna brings the skills of a teacher as well as those of an editor to every project. Her goal
is two-fold: to elevate every piece of writing to its highest potential, and to empower the writer
in the editing process.

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