The Author-Editor Partnership
Your contact with Joanna at Editor@work may start out with an application essay, a conference presentation, or a draft article for publication, but it will often evolve into an ongoing partnership, with the editor becoming a trusted source of support for you as an author throughout your career. A good relationship between author and editor means that your editor understands your goals as an author and as a professional, and helps you meet them, by maximizing your credibility and effectiveness in communication. The author-editor partnership means that there is a net under you all the time as you write.

Editing as Stress Reduction
Writing can be frustrating and solitary but with a good editor at your side, it is neither. In the editing process, the silence of the blank white page will give way to an engaged conversation
and successful communication. Your editor makes sure that you are always presented to others
at your best. This can alleviate stress on your part, and allow you to write more freely. The assurance that in the end your document will reflect a high level of polish and professionalism enables you to do your part, getting the content right, with less stress. Writing is hard enough without having to go it alone.

The Teaching Component
Editor@work provides two services for the price of one; that is, you will receive high quality writing instruction as part of the editing process. My aim is to empower the writer to improve
his or her writing all the time, to grow in confidence and competence as a writer. The edited documents you receive back from me serve as instructional tools, showing you where you need to work to improve, and how to do so. Specific, customized comments and advice regarding
your writing are also provided. You will find that your writing will improve if you attend to the edits and implement them in your next project.

Enhancing Your Image
Whoever your audience--professor, advisor, publisher, reader--your image is enhanced by presentation of a polished, error-free edited text. The need for ongoing rounds of revision is eliminated, and you will gain the invaluable asset of your reader's respect.

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