First, send me a representative writing sample (usually from the text you want to be edited) of around 2 to 5 pages in length. This should be submitted as a Word document attached to an email. I will return an estimate to you within a day or two, free of charge. The estimate will be based on the type and level of editing and any other project requirements, and will be calculated based on an hourly rate. The sample edit serves two purposes: it allows me to calculate my time in order to give you a project fee, and it allows you to see a sample of how I will edit your text.

Once the project fee and turn-around time have been agreed upon, I will ask you to submit credit card information by phone (your credit card will not be charged until the project is completed to your satisfaction). Editing begins when payment information is received and confirmed.

Upon completion of the project, your document will be returned to you as a Word document, edited using the "Track Changes" feature of Word. See Using Track Changes if you are not familiar with this tool.

An invoice will be provided upon completion of the project to your satisfaction, and at that time payment can be made by credit card or by PayPal.


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