"I found working with Joanna a great learning experience. She is knowledgeable, articulate, attentive to details, efficient, and simply pleasant to work with. Her
editorial comments range from detailed feedback on writing style to thought-
provoking questions on cultural theories, a combination one hardly expects to find
in one editor. Her editing not only brought the best out of my work, but also empowered me as a writer. I sincerely recommend her service to writers of all academic fields at all writing stages."
L.L., Ph.D.
Harvard University

"Joanna went above and beyond the call of duty while helping me finish my dissertation.  Her dedication and commitment to my project were extraordinary. 
I am grateful for the advice she offered to help shape my argument as well as to improve my writing style.  The fact that she believed in me and had confidence in
my project definitely helped me through the rough spots during the writing
Mark Gagnon,  Ph.D.
Harvard University

"I consider myself to be an articulate writer, so in preparing academic papers I
initially sent my writing samples to Joanna as an afterthought. I was humbled by
her constructive and exhaustive feedback…my successes are in no small part attributable to Joanna's remarkable editing abilities. What's more, my interaction
with her has left an indelible stylistic and structural mark on my writing to this very day."
Arrun Kapoor,
International Finance Analyst,
London School of Economics

"Joanna is a marvelous researcher, editor and writer. She has an incredible ability to write eloquently about extremely sophisticated topics in a way that anyone can understand. Joanna is masterful at improving the writing of others and helping them produce succinct and persuasive documents."
Bennett Savitz, Esq.,
Immigration Attorney

"In the process of editing my MBA application essays, Joanna helped me brainstorm my responses to the questions. My personal as well as professional life became vivid and logical with her magical touches. I was admitted to the top school that I had dreamed of."
Richard Song, Ph.D.,
Applied Energy Research

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"Joanna provides excellent feedback, as well as technical expertise in editing and writing, to improve scholarly articles. Her concern for both style and content brings
the final project to an overall higher level. The sometimes frustrating process of
editing is made trouble-free by Joanna's impressive skills and high professional standards."
Linda M. Gallant, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor, Information Design and Corporate Communication,
Bentley College

"I routinely depend upon Joanna to sharpen my written communication in
strategic business documents."
Doron Kempel,
Chief Executive Officer,
Diligent Technologies Corp.

"Joanna gave detailed, painstaking attention to every word of my
dissertation. I don't think I could have done it without her at my side."
Zhou Hong, Ph.D.,
Education Specialist,
World Education

"I was recently in a situation where I had to prepare a strong, comprehensive document within a tight deadline. I spent some time writing on my own but
realized that it was not strong enough and most importantly did not convey what
I wanted the reader to get from my document. I contacted Joanna late in the evening and within 10 to 15 minutes after my email she replied and I was sending her my drafts. The next day we had a conference call and I was very impressed with the detailed questions she asked that showed me that she knew how to get this project right. In a couple of days, the rough draft followed. I added some comments and
she gave me a final version which was perfect. I would highly recommend Joanna's services to anyone. For a very reasonable fee that includes multiple lengthy
conference discussions and preparation of the final document, you will achieve a better-than-expected result."
Gene Tkachuk,
Management Consultant

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"Joanna's feedback has made me much more confident about my thesis. What she
did in hours made the text read better than I could have done in an entire year.
Joanna is brilliant!"
Jonathan Busconi, MA,
Information Technology,
Harvard Extension School

"I have called upon Joanna's writing and editing skills over the course of many years
in preparing legal documents. My practice requires exquisite analytic and organizational abilities as well as strongly reasoned and persuasive writing, all of
which Joanna has in abundance. I have found none better than Joanna for preparing compelling, well-researched, fluid and successful documents."
Alan M. Pampanin, Esq.,
Immigration Attorney

"[Joanna's] writing help was instrumental in helping me get into the London School
of Economics."
Harris Revankar,
London School of Economics, MBA, London Business School, University of London

"Joanna helped me to overcome the insecurity of a non-native speaker while
delivering my written presentations at scientific symposia and conferences.
With her assistance I regained my confidence."

Prof. Yoon-Sook Cheong,
Kangwon National University, South Korea

"Joanna's natural ability to combine constructive criticism with patience as well as her genuine interest in her client's work are highly commendable. Joanna ensures progress at all levels of proficiency as well as improvement in all aspects of written communications in English."
Maciej Gadamski,
Privatization Consultant, New York - Kiev

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